How do you pour a Brew Toon nitro beer bottle?

Fully invert bottle 180° 3 times, open the beer and immediately pour the entire bottle fully inverted into a glass. Or just watch the video like everyone else, why are you even reading this?

Can't I just drink it from the bottle?

Definitely not. Pouring your nitro beer into a glass mixes the Nitrogen in the beer building the cascade and head of the beer, making it a key step to drinking a Dark Nite & Raspberry Ripple.

What's the difference between CO2 & Nitro?

Each classic CO₂ and Nitro beer contain the same ingredients and are meant to be highly similar. The main difference is mouthfeel. Our classic CO₂ beers have a much greater carbonic bite than our new Nitro variety. The addition of Nitrogen to a beer gives way to much smaller bubbles, creating a smoother, creamier experience. Visually, you will notice that our CO₂ beers have more a more classic looking head when poured into a glass. Nitro pours on the other hand have thick, billowy, heads with a cascading effect in the body of the pint. The difference in gas also has a slight effect on taste & aroma. Our CO₂ beers have a greater nose, as well as more pronounced malt and hop flavors. The Nitro beers have an overall creaminess and more blended aroma and flavor profile.