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Well, it’s been over a month now that the COVID-19 outbreak has gripped the world – and we are all still none the wiser as to when we’ll all be back out, about and sipping beer with our mates down our favourite watering-hole.

But whenever that may happen, we promise, with your continued support, we’ll be there when it does. So, a thanks to all that have bought our beers via our online shop and for all the well wishes received from people spread across the country.

We will also continue to donate money and look to raise more funds for a cause in which we truly believe, a cause that looks out for our aging population from the Shetland Isles to the Scottish Boarders. We hold Age Scotland and their vital work close to our hearts and, applaud the great effort they put in every day. Many elderly people depend on this charity year-round and even more so at this juncture in human history. But with the help of our amazing NHS staff, care workers, emergency services and concerned members of the public, they will get through this and enjoy the contact afforded to them through family and friends. But until then, Age Scotland and their helpline will be there to fill that void.

So, whatever we and our supporters can do to aide in their noble cause will hopefully make a difference. If you fancy a brew delivered to your door and want to help donated to Age Scotland, head over to our webshop and grab yourself a case. And if you enter the promo code: HELPOTHERS. We won’t just donated 10% to Age Scotland, we’ll also take a further 10% of your final purchase cost. And if that isn’t enough, and you live in Aberdeen/shire. We shall deliver you order the very next day completely free of charge.


Thanks again for all your support.



Brew Toon


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