An introduction to Castleton Fruit Farm


Situated in the stunning backdrop of rural Aberdeenshire and resting on land surpassing that of 142 football pitches, lies Castleton Fruit Farm, growers of first class berries and home of the world's most northerly, commercial blueberry farm. Castleton Fruit Farm is owned and operated by the Mitchell family and, have been smashing the berry growing industry for over twenty "fruitful" years. Not only are they one of the Scotland's largest commercial growers, their face-melting and fantastically flavour filled raspberries find there way into ever bottle of Brew Toon, Raspberry Carronade and Raspberry Ripple - 35 raspberries in every bottle to be precise. Yes...!! We do count them, honest. 

We can not stress enough how lucky we at Brew Toon are to have such an established and highly regarded fruit producer right on our doorstep... As you folks out there in Craft Beer Land know, Brew Toon wouldn't be the same without our every growing range of fruited beers - and those fruit beers wouldn't be the same without the hard hitters over at Castleton Fruit Farm.

Castleton's northern location provides long daylight hours and a cooler climate which are ideal conditions for berry production. The cool climate allows the fruit to ripen slowly which enhances the sweetness of the berries. Which is everything we look for when choosing the perfect fruits to adorn our beer. 

Not only are their berries pretty damn good, their approach to renewable energy is spot on too. Installed on the farm are, roof-mounted solar panels, 1x 60kW biomass boiler used at their farm shop, 1x 1MW biomass boilers to heat seasonal worker's caravans and eight hectares of polytunnel, 3x 50kW biomass boilers which produces a whopping 80% of the site's electricity and all of their heating requirements. It certainly sounds like they are ahead of the game on that one. Well done guys..!

So if you fancy trying a berry or two.... you'll be able to find Castleton Farm's finest in major supermarkets such as M&S and Tesco - and of course, in very bottle of Raspberry Ripple and Raspberry Carronade by Brew Toon. 



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