Peterhead's Brewing History



Peterhead these days may have Brew Toon, but way back when, brewing in the
town was rife. As far back as the 1700s – evidence shows that a fella by the
name of John Hunter and his sons started up a wee brewery called, Tanfield.
In fact, the very location where we at Brew Toon produce our award winning
beers today, was the very same spot John Hunter used to keep Peterhead
swimming in his fine Scottish ales.

John and his boys were clearly onto something, for they saw their product
exported across Scotland. Even bars in the modern and exciting capital city
of Edinburgh had signage boasting the sale of Peterhead's Tanfield Pale.

Brewing didn't just stop there either. The 1890s saw a total of three
breweries operating in Peterhead, all with their own unique styles and
flavours. They consisted of:
Brae Brewery; Heslops; and of course,
Hunter & Sons Tanfield Brewery.

These breweries had many great years of production before unfortunately closing
their doors against the tidal wave that was giant industrial brewing.
After that, not much, if anything was left of the Scottish craft brewing
landscape..... Until now ! !

So a huge thank you to John Hunter for lighting that torch, we intend to keep it burning mate. 



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