Sour to the People


In collaboration will the guys at Brewgooder and for the “Brewgooder Global Gathering” we smashed together this face-melter of a beer. Stuffed with local rhubarb and strawberries and all the fresh bite that any good sour beer should.

We look to help dig wells in the developing world. By joining forces with hundreds of breweries and collectively brewing over one million litres of beer, with the goal of providing fresh, clean, drinking water to one hundred thousand people.  

Brewgooder has been taking on this challenge for a good while now – but this is the first time us folks from Peterhead had gotten involved. And what a privilege it is.

It’s certainly easy to take for granted something as simple as water… But in some places, water ain’t that simple – and to be part of a truly global movement in a brewing community in which we love, is just heart-warming.

Well know that we aren’t individually offering millions of pounds here, but with one hundred breweries all chipping in, we are definitely making a difference.



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