New 5L Mini-Kegs Making Waves



A wee while back we decided to test the water with some shiny new 5 letre mini-kegs. You know, just to see if they prove popular and whether that was something you fine people were into. We very quickly realised that you lot are thirsty as hell and that you were in fact very much into the whole mini-keg idea. So popular certainly summed up the sturdy wee mini-keg's debut.


As you may remember, we put it out on Facebook that we were toying with the idea of introducing the minis - and asked the question of which brew should make its way inside. I don't think a Facebook comment section in history had had the word Hooker written in it so many times! To someone not familiar with Brew Toon's flagship lager, they would probably think you lot were a bit odd. And not make the connection to our humble part-time fisherman of a beer. 

But it was the mighty M'ango Unchained that echoed the most on social media. So we heeded the call and spent most of the day an a wee bit of the night, slowly filling the little buggers with mouthwatering mango goodness.

The following day, we got set to launch the kegs online starting at 17:00 - Little did we know that by 17:02 they would all be gone and that our website would almost crash. As mentioned earlier, you are a thirsty bunch. 

So it was a success, and we thought since a good number of you guys didn't get your hands on one, then we best push out some more! The next batch of mini-kegs hot of the production-line was the momentum making, face-melting, charity giving, Sour to the People. A fruity wee rhubarb and strawberry sour brew made as part of the Brewgooder, Global Gathering. They weren't as popular as they sold out in five minutes instead of two.

The third release came in the form of another charity brew, MAYDAY! This time giving to the RNLI Peterhead Lifeboat Station. They also sold out just as quick and still, many of you fine folk were left wanting.

So now a fresh pallet of 5L minis are on their way and this time we hope everyone gets a crack of the whip. M'ango Unchained will be the beer and hopefully we'll get some world famous Aberdeenshire sunshine to help wash it all down. 

Keep an eye out on our socials for all and any updates - and make sure you get your order in!


Signing off, Brew Toon


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